Expertly Mix and Master Your Songs for a Professional Sound

Master Your Songs for a Professional Sound

Ready to Elevate Your Music? Let's Bring Your Song or Album to Life with Professional Mixing!

Hi there, I'm Brendan, a seasoned Mix Engineer and Top-Rated Fiverr Seller hailing from Austin, TX, with over 12 years of experience in the music industry and a track record of more than 800 successful Fiverr projects.

Unlock Your Potential with a 1-Minute Demo! (Available for all new clients upon package purchase, with the flexibility to opt out anytime)

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Each mix is a bespoke masterpiece, meticulously crafted with:

  • Tailored EQ-ing
  • Precise Compression
  • Skillful De-essing
  • Strategic Stereo Panning
  • Optional Auto-Tune for Seamless Vocals
  • Dynamic Multiband Compression
  • Artful Reverb, Delay, Chorus, and More Creative Effects
  • Seamless Side Chaining
  • Rich Saturation
  • Layered Parallel Compression
  • And an array of additional refinements!

Your mix is guaranteed to be finely Mastered, primed for streaming, radio, and CD distribution.

To kickstart the process, here's what I'll need from you:

  1. Your multi-tracks or stems in WAV/AIFF/MP3 format
  2. A demo of your song or a reference track for direction

Gear Highlights:

  • Solid State Logic - UltraViolet EQ
  • Trident 80B EQs
  • Warm Audio Bus Compressor
  • Pro Tools 2022
  • Avid S1 Control Surface
  • Universal Audio 1176s
  • Audioscape LA2As
  • Heritage Audio 1073 EQs
  • TCE Electronic M1 XL Reverb
  • Yamaha REV7
  • Lexicon MX200
  • Antares Auto-Tune
  • Fab Filter Plugin Suite
  • Waves Plugins
  • Soothe2
  • And a plethora of other cutting-edge tools!

Let's embark on a sonic journey together. Contact me to elevate your music to new heights!

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